01 | 09 | 2016


Albert Zuurbier is a professional in the software industry. He is currently working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer for a SAAS product.

With over two decades of technical writing experience in process manuals, training manuals, software user manuals and software design documentation, you can be sure his work is properly documented. With more than 15 years of experience in the software industry he has the proper acumen for any job.

Companies turn to Albert Zuurbier for software and processes that are in line with the business strategy.


Smoking, Barbecuing and Grilling

The USA is known for its barbecue ... no grilling ... no barbecue. Or, in other words, the never ending discussion whether it is barbecuing or grilling. And just when you start to understand it, there is smoking.

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DIY Real Dutch Costume

Do you want to make a real traditional Dutch costume? Then you probably looked all over in the Netherlands and found nothing? You have asked in all the shops on the Dijk in Volendam to find out they only have dress-up costumes. You have to look in Pella, IA.

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Cups, Tbs and Tsp

In the US recipes are measured in cups, table spoons (Tbs) and tea spoons (Tsp). This is strings to a Dutch person who is accustomed to measure everything in (parts of) kilograms and liters. Also Dutch spoons have varying sizes, for example a Dutch tea spoon can contain about 3cc of a fluid where as the American tea spoon contains 5cc. Which means that 'een thee lepeltje zout' is not the same as 'a tea spoon of salt'.

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Pannekoeken - Dutch Pancakes

Making pannekoeken is an art. You can fully express yourself in almost any aspect of the pannekoek. There is great flexibility in the ingredients which alowes you to adjust the pannekoek to the occasion.

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Quick Dutch Costume

There are times you need a Dutch costume, even in Minnesota. Lightening up Halloween is a good reason. Volunteering in the Cafe booth of the Festival of Nations is another, very good reason. Other reasons are that your garden club may have an evening about Dutch gardens. Or your daughter may have to give a presentation about the Netherlands. Or the girl-scout troop has chosen the Netherlands as subject of Thinking-Day. Or you want to give an extra touch to that Dutch dinner party you are giving. Or you want to give your Dutch mother in law a self made apron as a gift. Reasons enough to make a Volendam styled dress-up costume.

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I believe that thinking about strategy can help your business. Building a strategy helped me and the principals I used can readily be used for your business.



Good documentation helps you run your business. Documentation is a valuable asset when written well and read often. Albert Zuurbier helps your business word for word.